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GKI Economic Research Co. made a survey among the corporate sector's big employers to reveal their short-term employment intentions. The report was prepared for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. In the first phase we contacted domestic companies employing more than 1000 persons, then firms employing more than 500 people with the aim of requesting personal deep interviews. We surveyed 100% of the companies employing more than 1000 people, and 78% of the firms with more than 500 persons In fact, 30% of these firms made a statement about their employment intentions. 

The companies that responded to our questionnaire employed 128.302 persons, and their planned sales revenues in 2008 totalled HUF4310 billion. Those companies that had revenue plans for 2008 and 2009 expected the stagnation of their sales revenues (this means a decline in real terms). Three fourth of the answering companies made considerable investments in 2008, however, 17% of them had to give up their projects due to the economic crisis. 

57% of the respondents reported a strong relationship between production and staff numbers. In 2009 most layoffs were expected in the production of electronic machines and motor vehicles as well as household appliances. Those companies that disclosed their layoff plans were to dismiss 4104 employees between the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, which is 3,2% of the previously mentioned number of employees. Based on the received answers, the layoffs concerned mostly the semi-skilled workers, the manual workers and the temporary workforce in 2008 but in 2009 the number of employees is expected to be reduced in almost every professional group. 

Because of the effects of the global crisis 40% of the respondents plan extraordinary measures, which affect employees. Some companies wish to reduce costs by reducing working hours (for instance with the introduction of part time jobs) and the number of shifts. Otherwise companies try to use working hours most effectively. The firms offer their employees fair holiday opportunities to reduce production and costs, primarily in the motor vehicle industry. Some of them mentioned the stand-by time as a cost reduction opportunity. All in all the situation is uncertain and it is difficult to obtain precise information. 

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