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You can find here papers, studies, articless about business cycle research. In addition you can access homlepages of other institutes dealing with business and consumer surveys

CIRET Conferences

2010 New York

Bíró, Péter – Pocsarovszky, Károly: The effects of EU climate legislation on business cycles


2008 Santiago de Chile

Németné, Pál Katalin.: Detecting Trace of EU-Accession

Anna Munkácsy, Raymund Petz: Dissemination Process and the Use of business and consumer survey results in Hungary

Vanicsek, Mária: Gender Inequalities of the Labour Market


2006 Rome

Papanek, Gábor – Adler, Judit – Munkácsy, Anna: Confidence Intervals in the GKI Business Tendency Surveys

Némethné, Pál Katalin – Petz, Raymund: What Does Drive Domestic Sales of Hungarian Manufacturing Industry?


2004 Warsaw

Papanek, Gábor – Petz, Raymund – Sulok, Zoltán.: Reliability of Economic Forecasts in Hungary

Papanek, Gábor: Measuring Law Enforcement in Enterprise Surveys

Némethné, Pál Katalin – Petz, Raymund – Vanicsek, Mária: Characteristics of Business Cycles in Some Industrial Branches in Hungary


2002 Taipei

Némethné, Pál Katalin – Petz, Raymund – Vanicsek, Mária: Enterprise Surveys and Sectoral Characteristics in Hungary

Adler, Judit – Barta, Judit – Petz, Raymund: The comparison of Service Sector Confidence Index wth Macroeconomic Indicators


2000 Paris

Adler, Judit – Barta, Judit – Petz, Raymund: Service Sector Surveys in Hungary

Németné, Pál Katalin – Papanek, Gábor – Petz, Raymund.: Reliability of Sample Data in GKI Co.'s Enterprise Surveys

Molnár, László – Skultéty, László: A New Survey in Service Sector: Tourism Survey in Hungary


1999 Wellington

Barta, Judit – Némethné, Pál Katalin: The Use of Survey Results of GKI Co. in Macroeconomic and Monetary Policy Recommendations

Barta, Judit.: Forecasts for the Monetary Sector: An Evaluation

Hegedűs, Miklós – Papnek, Gábor – Petz, Raymund: Investments Surveys in Hungary


1997 Helsinki

Barta, Judit.: Expecting inflation and interest rates

Papanek, Gábor – Petz, Raymund: Enterprise Surveys in Hungary


1995 Singapore

Barta, Judit.: Forecasts for the monetary sector. An evaluation


Other paper

Barta, Judit.:  Surveys conducted in the Economic Research Institute. The questionnaire of the financial sector, the small-business survey and the modified industrial business survey. Eurostat-OECD Worshop, München 1991



Munkácsy Anna – Petz Raymund: Two social aspects of business survey activity, Statisztikai Szemle, 2009, különszám

Papanek G. – Petz R. – Vértes A.: EU Harmonized Enterprise Surveys in Hungary. Statisztikai Szemle, 1997, különszám


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